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Visualise, Energise, Organise

About Veo

Veo Transition was set up in 2008 by Ian Puhar, an experienced Interim Finance and Project Manager with international SAP, Shared Services and BPO experience at well known organisations such as 3Com, NBC Universal, DSGI and ICI.

The name Veo stands for Visualise – Energise – Organise:
Visualise...Assessing your current status, creating a picture of the end result, and listing options and key success factors to get there.
Energise...Scoping the preferred option and explaining the steps to get there, to help us attract the right resources and get everyone signed up to the business case.
Organise...Detailed planning and communication, to accompany the practical steps of setting up the project team and moving forward.

Rather than going in as a team, Veo offers an advisor/project manager, with relevant experience, to work closely with the Finance team. The aim is to use in-house staff as far as possible, and bring in other specialists where required. To maximise involvement and knowledge retention, while keeping costs sensible.

Clients usually have a turnover of at least £1bn if they are using SAP or have a Shared Service / BPO arrangement. They have a UK Head Office and local or international business units for Sales, Marketing, Retail and Distribution.

In-house managers know their business and people best. Veo has detailed experience of fixing or migrating data, processes and controls - and improving efficiency.

Project examples:

  • Media / Publishing – Post Acquisition relocation of 30 Finance roles to UK SSC of £1bn group - Budget creation, high level planning, risk mitigation, handover planning and staff communication as part of a successful 6 month transition with Systems, Shared Service, Operational and HR Managers.
  • Retail - SAP Chart of Accounts design for global £12bn group - Fast start, setting up the project with plans, team and group-wide involvement to meet the go-live date for the first OpCo implementation whilst leaving space in the design for future needs.
  • Engineering / Plant Hire - RTR Shared Service Centre deployment for UK £400m group - Project Management and SSC insight during the final 4 months of the project, to help identify tasks, risks and issues, and steer the team towards a safe first Month End.
  • Engineering / Energy - SAP Year End and VAT fixes in Norway £10m sub of £5bn group - Adjusted opening SAP GL, Cost Centre, WBS Project and Sales Order balances and provided analyses for the year end audit, corrected VAT report settings, 5 months after a SAP go-live.
  • Retail and Distribution - SAP Finance Recovery in Spain £9m sub of £270m Private Equity backed group - Repaired SAP Finance data, processes and controls and created Year End and Completion Accounts for the company purchase, 9 months after a SAP go-live.

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